Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dead Man Walking

Camden tried out for the school play and was fortunate to be cast as half the school seemed to read for parts. He got the part of the jilted boyfriend who gets murdered. I think he has a few lines then gets knocked off and is supposedly carried around for the rest of the play. Though we haven't read the script yet, we are thinking "Bernie" in "Weekend at Bernie's."

April and I are both pretty excited about meeting with our tutors last week. April meets with our Grammar teacher from last trimester, Maritza, 4 days a week for an hour each day. I meet with a private instructor named Marcos 3 times a week for an hour and 15 minutes each session. It really helps to have the extra speaking practice.

We have been blessed this trimester with two good teachers, Eugenia (Language) and Laura (Grammar). Our Language class is really fun and helpful. It is much more structured than last time. We have to do something different for each day of class- things like prepare and present an article from a Spanish newspaper, prepare and present a Bible study, choose a theme and ask 3 people about it- then present your findings to the class, etc. Grammar is grammar. It has been great so far. We've been so busy that we can't find time to watch much tv, which we have come to find out we don't miss that much.

On Friday, we went to visit Cecilia, a lady who runs a soup kitchen for kids in her really poor neighborhood. God uses her to do some really great things and meeting her was/is an inspiration to us to find the joy of the Lord no matter what. We went there to possibly figure out how we could do some volunteering, but instead God used our visit to teach us.

Mason got his hair cut on Thursday. We took photos of Zac Efron to the stylist. It turned out really cool! He is doing really well in school and at playing soccer. Mason misses his buddy, Skylar, who went to live in Peru. Now his best buds are Jonathan & Lucas, though Mason thinks Lucas fell out of his crib and hit his head. Mason thinks he is a bit on the crazy side! Karis is back to doing gymnastics only now she dresses the part! She celebrated a birthday last week and the only thing she wanted was for Camden's buddies to come over and play a game where they try to capture her. Ellie continues to be a source of joy- she makes the craziest comments and faces. She loves the comic, Jim Gaffigan, so pretty much every time we are walking on the sidewalk she will run ahead and say, "See you slowpokes at the Cinnabun!" or "Run for your lives!"

We are now prepping for 16 members of April's extended family to arrive. They arrive on Sunday around 1. So, I need to help around the house a little!

We miss all of you! Until next time....

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  1. Hi, April, Jeff, Ellie, Karis, Mason, and Bernie!

    Hello to the rest of the crew that is now there in CR with you. We prayed for their travel and for your sanity while they're with you. You'll have all you want of them . . . and MORE, most likely.

    Since we're dealing with 38 degrees and rain, I'm sure you wish you were here . . . but since you're there, have fun and learn a bunch.

    Give Jody a hug for me and tell her all the cats moved out after she left. They decided they want to live in the barn.