Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fun Times

Every once in a while, something happens in class to make us all laugh. In fact, this happens weekly. But this week was more special than the previous ones. It was Thursday, and on Thursdays we present Bible studies in Spanish. I had chosen Psalm 51 largely because it contains several desires of David which could easily be changed into the sentence structure we are practicing right now. Verse 6 states that God desires truth in our innermost parts. I just happened to translate this into "God desires truth in our intimate parts" which in Spanish specifically means your "special private place." For some reason my Bible study, for all intents and purposes, ended right there- though for David this still might have applied. It was a memorable Thursday.

A couple of weeks ago, April signed up to attend a women's retreat for all the ladies at ILE. Over 30 women attended this Friday-Saturday event. They were supposed to leave on Friday at noon, but the bus had some problems and they had to wait for another bus to arrive. So, April returned home for a few minutes before leaving again. But now she was wearing a name tag with the words "The Love Connection" on it. Nothing like 30-plus mostly married women heading to a hotel to make a "love connection." She returned Saturday night thankful for the time away from the hustle and bustle we find ourselves in daily.

One of my baseball buddies, Juan Pablo, recently asked April and I to give him and his fiance marriage counseling. Thankfully, JP and Natalie both speak English. God continues to give us opportunities to be involved in people's lives. If it goes poorly, perhaps Dave Luther could use a vacation to Costa Rica.

The kids are all doing great. Camden gets dragged around at play practice 2 or 3 times a week (he's playing the part of a dead guy), basketball is going great, and he had his first 4-hit ball game with the team we play for every Sunday. Mason is having fun making and throwing paper "stars", writing new "Stick-Man Ninja" comics, and playing soccer. Karis is still enjoying gymnastics (she can do a cartwheel, something her mother still hasn't mastered). Ellie is in an "accelerated talking phase" where she must get in around 50,000 words every day. Unfortunately for us, Maria just returned to Nicaragua. Now April and I get the brunt of Ellie's constant questioning. I love answering questions like, "Will you still be strong if you're skinny?" "Why do you have to wear rings if you're married?" "Why do boys have hair all over their bodies?" For the past month we've been referring these questions to Maria so she could practice her English.

We miss our family and friends, just not enough to come home just yet. After all, it was a breezy 85 today. Until next time...

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  1. Thanks for sending Jody back. I know if it had been her choice, she'd still be there in 85 degrees of sun and warm. I'm glad to have her home.

    I'm also glad that Camden found a part for which he could be type-cast, that April is now part of the GODLY 'love connection' and that Jeff is getting that hidden private part issue settled.

    I'm also glad that Ellie is letting the words and questions flow. I remember when Jody and I thought Owen wouldn't talk . . . then the floodgates opened and he talked continuously . . . and very slowly. I bet Ellie has a faster pace than Uncle Owen.

    We have gotten 8 inches of heavy white stuff during the night, and are supposed to get 2-4" more. Of course, the weather man said we had 2" at 7 . . . while I was shoveling the 8" plus. I'm not sure whether it will keep me from going to Soccer Zone where I play soccer with 25 Mexican guys who remind me that I have NO clue what is being said in their rapid fire Spanish. All I make out is abuelo. And if abuelo ever steals the ball from anybody or scores, there is lots of hooting and hollering from the rest of the 20 something players and spectators.

    We pray for you regularly and miss you. Take care, God bless, and bring home a bunch of the sunshine soon.