Sunday, August 30, 2009

Domingo Doings

Well, another Sunday has come and gone. We have had two very different church experiences here in Costa Rica. Last Sunday, we went to a church just 3 blocks from our house. It was a nice service. They sang A Mighty Fortress is Our God and Blessed Assurance, both in Spanish, of course. The kids went to classes while the adults had a sermon. We definitely need to learn Spanish! An hour sermon that you don't understand is a long sermon! They were celebrating Mother's Day, so the kids had a program after class. Karis and Ellie got to sing and the boys made me cards. Mason's card said:

Dear Mom,
Thanks you for being a great Mom. Thank you for helping me to grow into a good brother and thank you for everything you have done for me. I hope you will have a good time in Costa Rica. Love, Mason

Camden's card said:

Thanks for being a great Mom and whatever Mason said. Camden

After all, we already had Mother's Day in the States, Camden said. I didn't really need two, especially since my birthday was the day before!

Anyway, this Sunday we went to the same church in the morning. We had lunch and then Superintendent, Juan Pavon from Nicaragua, picked us up to go to a local U.B. Church for a meeting. It wasn't really a meeting. We had dinner (crunchy tacos, an enchilada, and some fried chicken with fries) with four pastors and then had an evening service. Another two hours. 25 of us packed into the pastor's living room. Good news- the sound system was turned off. Bad news- "we" still sang songs, at least that's what we think we did. This church is buying a plot of land in order to build. They were a very nice congregation. On a side note, you all (Bonnie Rae) should be very proud of me. I found Ghirardelli
Brownie's at the Sam's Club (PriceMart). I had just made them and I actually took them to share with the pastors. No, sharing is still not fun, but I guess I am growing up.

Jeff has already been asked to speak next Saturday, maybe next Sunday, and do a seminar for the pastors! He already has an excuse for falling behind on his Spanish homework. Pastor Eric and his wife, Iris are wonderful. Iris speaks English and she had four brownie's (it was her birthday!), so you know we hit it off! We are looking forward to getting to know them.

The really great part of the evening was that Pastor Juan's daughter, Maria, came home with us. Maria is hoping to go to Huntington University next fall. She already does pretty well with speaking English (she translated for us on the last trip to Nicaragua), but she wants more practice and she also needs help studying for the SAT. Karis and Ellie, of course, took an instant liking to her. Ellie is glad that she will get out of school earlier than the other kids so she can play with Maria all by herself. Poor Maria... Well, she wanted to practice her English!

We hope things went well today at Brown's. We thought of you and how nice our music is and how it is in English. We are praying for you and love you all. Our free time is about to evaporate!


  1. Hello Dice's. Glad to hear all is going well!! The BLOG is great. I will have Mom and Dad over to read your updates. I'm sure they will enjoy them as much as I have so far. Do they have Baseball and Football stuff cheap like in Nicaragua? Tell everyone we miss them. Talk to you soon.


  2. Dear Jeff and April,
    I just figured out how to get this message to you! Tony had put an old password in to send it and I couldn't figure it out so my last post disappeared!!

    We are very excited for you! I would like to be there learning Spanish too! I researched some different Spanish curriculum on line and choose a new one! Synergy Spanish! I have been practicing each day for about 25 minutes. Next year I will blow everyone out of the water with my knowledge!!lol I have a feeling that I will still get laughed at. Hummm.. maybe its my accent!!
    Jeff, you will be happy to know that this years mission banquet is well on its way. Emily and Arron just finished a great power point and our presentation will be very good.

    April- Thank you for the special bandaids. They can be used over and over (and over)!! Way cool!!
    Please remind Maria that The Phillips get to take her for her first experience at an amusement park. She cannot go with anyone else!!!! (we have an entire page on our power point of Maria too; we sure do miss her!

    Mi gusta ria ir con usted ahora abhlar Spanish!!
    My spelling is all wrong because this is from the top of my head. I'll keep working on it!! I like this one: tengo oon bonbon para usted!! I'll need that one for next year!!
    I Love you all!

  3. Hello dice's, hope this gets to you. I can't seem to get the right combination to answer your blog. Please keep the updates coming, love hearing about your Spanish progress and the your adventures! I love the Mothers Day greetings, I will share Mason's comments with Dave Cronk. Have a great day. Love Ya, BRae