Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Primeras Clases

Our first days of school are now behind us!!! The kids had a blast going to school for the first time on Monday and April and I had our first day of classes on Tuesday. My head is about to explode! The good news is that though our teachers only spoke in Spanish, I understood everything they said. I had absolutely no problems understanding them because they spoke slowly and enunciated clearly. The bad news is that I think I will have exhausted my knowledge of Spanish in about a week. It is very tiring concentrating for hours in another language. April and I are in the same Grammar class for two hours and we have the same teachers for our other subjects, Phonetics and Conversation, though we have those classes at different times. It is exciting for us to get started. In addition to our Spanish language acquisition, we also have realized we need to pick up "Southern" as well, since most of our classmates are from south of the Mason-Dixon line. We experienced our first chapel session on Tuesday and found it to be really great. We sang some familiar songs, learned "Open the Eyes of My Heart" in Spanish, and listened to a really great speaker. He dressed in camo and used some hunting illustrations. We kind of felt at home. Tonight, I get to play some basketball and April gets to finish "The Sound of Music" with Maria. Until next time...


  1. Jeff what happened to the pictures you had on the blog? I saw them this morning around 3 am ET and went to show Mom and Dad and they were gone. If you can send some to my email or let me know how to get to them. I told Mom of Mason's haircut and she wanted to see it. Take care and tell everyone we are thinking of them.

    Your bro,

  2. Good Morning Dice's, I'm glad you started classes, I don't want you falling behind the kids! Your speaker in camo, does that remind you of home or what! Sounds like you are settling in fine. I know the people are probably really nice but not quite like the "neighbor of your dreams" right? Have a good week. BRae