Wednesday, September 9, 2009

April Deals A Crushing Blow

The oral verb quiz is over and April won this battle. She was perfect on all 9 verbs that she was given, while Jeff partially blew it on one of his 9. April 100, Jeff 93. The big verb exam is next Friday. It will be both written and oral. On a side note, we are so thankful for opportunities we are seeing to get involved in ministry here. Tomorrow, April and I will be traveling to La Carpio, a "village" of Nicaraguan immigrants (some legal, many not) just outside of San Jose. We are going with a group of fellow students to work with a community center there. We will be working mostly with kids; planning activities, playing sports, sharing stories, making crafts, etc. You can watch a video on La Carpio that a student from last trimester made by following this link- We are planning on going there every Thursday afternoon. Then, on Saturday, I get to give my first seminar to pastors and leaders of our 4 Costa Rican UB churches. You can be praying for us as we seek to get involved in ministry here. And you can pray that I find time to study so I can crush April on next Friday's exam!!!


  1. Good Morning Dice's, it looks like you and Jeff are actually going to come out pretty even when all the testing is done. I expect you both to be bi lingual by christmas! I've praying you would find a ministry while you are there and voila (french) God provides. Say hi to the kids from the dearest neighbor! Love you all. BRae

  2. Everyone is talking about the Dice's blogspot so I just had to get on and be a part of it!!!!
    We heard how eventful your days were and man I'm tired just reading about them. Keep up the good work and know that the Sharp's are praying for your family. Love the 5 Sharp's (soon to be 6)-I'm sure you've heard :)