Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It is funny to post a blog about how much we love the internet only to lose it the next day. We are still waiting for it to be fixed. I´m typing from the school computer lab. We are fighting about whether or not to attend a seminar on conflict resolution. I let you know who wins.

Other news... Jeff and I are still neck in neck. We have three tests this week, so here is my chance to pull ahead. Maria needs to go back to Nicaragua. They denied her visa extension. She should be able to come back in October. Also, her grandfather passed away. It was a rough day.
Pray for her, please.

Speaking of praying, we could really use rain down here. If we don´t get some serious rain soon, we are looking at electrical shortages (most of the power is hydrolectric), water shortages, and price increases for food. They think it is already too late for Nicaragua and Guatamala. They probably won´t be able to plant at all. They are predicting famine for parts of both countries. So, for all of you working with Feed My Starving Children at home, you couldn´t have picked a better time. It is going to be desperately needed this year.

Well, we have to go to learn to get along... see ya... love ya.

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