Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We Love The Internet!

I haven't really mentioned how much we love having high speed internet in our home. Well, we do! We have been able to download the latest season of Psych and Monk, we can check our emails every day, we can "blog", and our kids can find fun stuff like Bernard Bear. Follow the link to check out one of our favorite Bernard sketches. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtptJfUR440&feature=related


  1. Good Morning Dice's, Just wanted April we had retreat last weekend. the weather was great and the weekend would have been perfect except one young man broke his collarbone in squamish and the kids kept asking for Owen, Steve, Matt, Dan and April! A little hard on my ego but I will survive. We've taken the invites around for the Gathering, didn't get to meet the neighbors in your house but did meet Bailey and invited her. Pray that it will be a success. Love to read your updates and pray for BOTH of your language skills. I will not take sides! Keep practising your dance moves April for Jan. 2. Have a good day. Love You All, BRae

  2. Hi, Dices.
    I decided to pull out my softball glove this fall. A group of young guys needed a pitcher, so I volunteered . . . through Craigslist! We've played 4 games so far and have been a bit out of balance. We've given up a total of 11 runs while scoring 94. Last night, we played a double header with 3 innings per game before the mercy rule. We scored 19 in the third inning alone. I'm really pretty amazed since our team doesn't have much defense. I'm 8 for 10 so far, so have been holding my own.

    One of the guys on our team reminds me VERY much of Owen. He has the same wry sense of humor, but is only about 6'3".

    We pray for you often.