Thursday, September 24, 2009

Win Some, Lose Some

Well, after a miserable showing on a grammar quiz today, I fell a few percentage points behind April. She just had to score a 100. However, things should begin to even up a little since her private tutor, Maria, just returned to Nicaragua for a few weeks. Maria ran into a little trouble with immigration and could not extend her visa (she needed two letters she did not have at the time) so she needed to return to Nicaragua immediately (her current visa expired today). We are hoping she will be able to get another visa soon so she can come back. I have a feeling April is going to need her! So, I was sulking a little bit after getting smoked on that quiz only to receive the news that my final project for graduate school had been accepted and that I have officially completed my work for my master's degree in Pastoral Ministry. This comes 14 years after taking my first graduate school class! What a relief to finally finish! Then, after getting that news, I went to an appointment with an athletic trainer at the gym I joined the previous day. I had been walking every morning for the past 4 weeks, but my feet became really sore and the pain I felt this week made it easy to not get out of bed. So, I decided to join the gym 1 block from our house so I could ride a bike, do some boxing, lift some weights, and generally take the pressure off my feet. I didn't realize I was getting the complete package- the trainer took all sorts of measurements including measuring my fat levels from 4 different areas of my body. "Hey, buddy, I didn't sign up for this!" I really only wanted to ride a bike- instead I was informed that I really needed to move into the gym. Win some, lose some.

On a related note, on the way to school this morning Ellie complained about having a little pain in her legs. April asked what it was from. Ellie responded, "I think my bones are tangled." At least I don't have that problem.

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