Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Death to the Invaders!

Today is a national holiday meaning we don't have classes, so the kids had a little sleepover last night. I woke up at 5:15 but refused to get out of bed until after 6! The kids were all hungry so I went to the kitchen to make breakfast- 8 bowls of cereal for them, a nice hot bowl of oatmeal for me. I put the water on the stove and poured all the cereal. I yelled for April (she refused to rise before 6:30) and she and the kids began eating their cereal. I opened the cupboard to get my packets of oatmeal out of the box (we bought a mega pack at PriceSmart) and as I pulled the packets out a cockroach jumped from the box. I acted as if someone had just pulled a gun on me as I tossed the box to the floor. It was a scene out of a horror film (at least for me as I hate horror films) as 10 more cockroaches poured from the box. I yelled for a shoe, April tossed me a flip-flop, and I went on a killing spree. After about 5 minutes, 10 cockroaches lay dead on the kitchen floor battlefield. It really was shocking to see them because we just had the kitchen sprayed for cockroaches 3 days ago. Evidently they had all congregated in the oatmeal box to avoid death. Unfortunately for them, I'm trying to eat better and decided to eat oatmeal today!

At a place like language school, you would expect to meet some interesting people. I mentioned in a previous post that Camden's basketball coach, Trish Wegman, is the daughter of Bill Wegman, a 10-year veteran of Major League Baseball. Well, another pretty, single, young lady named Kim goes to church in Houston with Troy Aikman (former QB of the Cowboys), Ross Perot, and George W and Laura Bush! So, with all these stories about famous connections floating around, we had to share some of our own. April said that her dad shot the biggest buck in Clare County, and that she played piano for Dan Quayle, and the owners of Jay's Sporting Goods go to our church! That shut them all up right away.

Camden had his first basketball practice last night. I'm not bragging or anything, but he is in 6th grade and made the high school varsity team. I don't think he'll start, but he made the team. (Of course, there are only 10 kids trying out for the team!) On the way home from practice, he told me it was the hardest 2 hours of his life. I watched the last 20 minutes of practice. It was pretty intense as Coach Wegman made the team run suicides if one player was lazy during their scrimmage. Camden did win a game of "lightning" and looked pretty good out there.

Well, since this is "Independence Day" in Costa Rica, we need to get ready to go to a parade. Oh, we did get some test scores back from our Phonetics class. April pulled into an overall tie with Jeff as both did very well on their test. Our next opportunities to shine are Thursday (Conversation Class) and Friday (Grammar). May the force be with me!

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